With CollectLogic - Everyone stays Connected...

CollectLogic stores all critical client and account data in a secure, centralized repository in a single location where anyone on your team can access and update account data in real time with an internet connection...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Direct your clients, agents and managers to the most up-to-date information. This helps eliminate the costly mistakes which can happen during the case management process or when someone is “Out of the Loop”! CollectLogic helps you establish an efficient workflow, promotes enhanced customer service, and reduces the cost of doing business.

Enhance your consumer's experience by providing them access to their specific account data and reduce the frequent phone calls asking for updates. You can even allow consumers the capability to settle their accounts and add payments online!

Account Management

Client & Account Management

Collect Logic's account dashboard has easy access to innovative options which assist the beginning-to-end case management. Save time and money by using Collect Logics intuitive Account Management tools.

Accounts can be searched with ease by both current and past account numbers, names, street address, email address, social security #, or any partial data.

View all account information, autofill or express add notes, quickly add or update phone numbers and addresses, view or edit main account statuses and contact information as Verified Good, Wrong #, DNC, etc.

Phone Dialer & Text Campaigns

Dialer & Text Campaigns

Dialer campaigns are within CLS, which replaces the need for a 3rd party dialer service. Open a pop-up window from the account page, dial and receive inbound calls from the same window.

A hard phone is not required; system works with a computer headset while using pop-up window to receive inbound calls or to manually dial outbound calls on computer screen soft phone.

The user-friendly texting system on CLS promotes quick responses to user’s own text replies. CLS allows agents to view text replies, view entire chat thread, see phone number, account info and time zones.

Manage Letter Campaigns and Case Documents

Charts & Reports

Stay informed with various report options, including account and settled reports, agent and portfolio reports, account management, agent production, expired payments, client remits, texting reports, campaign stats, letter reports and client weekly report files.

Production Report is an extremely useful tool which provides a snapshot of all agent production during the workday. View all accounts that have been worked or settled in a given date range, view consumer notes on a given date range and view flagged accounts.

Add or Edit Account Clients as well as client portfolios and placements. Import Data with a quick completion importing tool designed to assist you with large numbers of accounts.

Consumer Case Dashboard

Consumer Dashboard

The consumer dashboard is a beneficial way for consumers to view account information, including any available documents, as well as securely add or update payment information, choose settlements options and pay their balance or postdates.

A consumer has the option to view and settle their account with flexible account settlement payment plans, including an option to use settlement calculate slider bar.

They can select a settlement percentage/amount, adjust number of payments, discount amount and assign payment frequency with in the pre-set limits. They can also securely add or edit payment information for credit cards check by phone payment methods.